Ricco: Return (TV series) Sitcom, Comedy TV show on Nick.


  • Arley Swaby as Ricco Gullien, former student and photographer.
  • Katherine Bolvre as Kathy; Ricco's friend.
  • Annika Mohammed as Tess
  • Tyson Tatum as Ricky Gullien; Ricco's half brother.
  • Nolberto Swaby as Earl Gullien; Captain boat ship.
  • Jordan McLean as Rapper#1 (Kiki Do u Love Me song) (guest star)
  • Shaniel Smith as Jessica Gullien, Earl's wife and Ricco's aunt.
  • Derlito Swaby as Ricco Gullien II; Ricco's beloved father (guest star)
  • Amaila Mayo as Grandma Gullien
  • Yourails Swaby as Cousin Danielle; Ricco's cousin-paternal (guest star)
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