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Kid E Cats meets Max and Ruby is an Indonesian animated series that debuted on May 2 2018


Season 1[]

  • Meet Max and Ruby/First Day of School
  • A Day Trip to the Zoo/Hotel
  • Frogs and Butterflies/Making Adventures
  • Max, Ruby, Kid E Cats and The Baby/Rocks
  • Candy and Max's Art Time/The Class Pet
  • Candy and Max's Movie Magic/Cookie, Pudding and Ruby's Backyard Camping Trip
  • The Concert/A Day Trip with Grandpa Cat
  • Christmas/New Year's Eve

Season 2[]

  • The Twins' Puppet Show/Max, Cookie, Pudding, Candy and Ruby's Sleepover
  • Lunar New Year/The Theme Park
  • The Trip to the Zoo/The Museum
  • Summer Vacation/First Day of the Bunny Scouts
  • Cookie, Candy, Pudding, Alexander, Bagel, Lucy, Max and Ruby's Train Trip/Conductor Pudding/Max the Tour Guide
  • A Toy for Oliver and Grace/Grandpa's Sniffles
  • Community Garden/Max the Dragon Tamer

Season 3[]

  • Groundhog Day/Cousin Alexander, Lucy and Bagel's Bunny Scout Badges
  • Field Trip to the Wild Animal Park


  • The East Bunny Hop Adventure Tour
  • Kid E Cats meets Max and Ruby Activity Center: Our School
  • Kid E Cats meets Max and Ruby Storybook Adventure
  • Kid E Cats meets Max and Ruby: Animals
  • Kid E Cats meets Max and Ruby: Dinosaurs


  • Gavin Maclver Wright as Max/Bagel
  • Lana Carillo as Ruby
  • Kay Hawtrey as Grandma Bunny