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Kayla vs. The Potty is a episode of the Potty Blogs on Kayla & Rachel.


Kayla and Lisa comes in then Lisa said that Kayla has accidents in her pants then Kayla and Rachel talks and plays on the iPad.

Two hours later Kayla puts the iPad down then Kayla stands up and then Kayla said she had to go and starts to cry then Lisa and Granny hears Kayla crying.

Lisa’s guessing that Kayla feels the need to go right now then they get everything ready then Kayla is seated on the potty then they get the potty book and waits for Kayla to go they wait a while that they play cards and fall asleep Rachel comes in to cheak on Kayla making sure Kayla is okay.

Two hours later Kayla is still sitting on the potty then Kayla poops then she pees then they celebrate because Kayla did it then Kayla wipes then after she gets off then washes her hands really good then Kayla goes back to the iPad.


  • Kayla Lee sits on the potty for two hours.
  • Lisa Lee and Granny waits a while that they play cards and fall asleep.
  • Lisa and Granny has the potty book.
  • Lisa and Granny are in the bathroom with Kayla watching Kayla after Kayla said she needed to go.
  • This episode is a lot similar from the Rugrats episode Chuckie vs. The Potty.

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