Jumping Crocodiles was Season 1, Episode 1



Alisa and James went to Australia Zoo to see Saltwater Crocodile

Angel went to Scarborough Gym Elites

Rickey, Vanessa and Caroline are Stayed in Studio G. for Half-time Quiz Show

Rickey, Vanessa and Caroline got it the Right Answers.

James, Alisa and Angel Back to Studio G.

James and Alisa did feed to Crocodile from Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin earned 75 points

Alisa was little Ophidiophobia and feed more meat earned 5 points

Which leaves James with 75 points and Alisa with 80 points

Angel did a Great Trampoline Jumper earned 80 points

and there's a Bonus Points

Alisa with 85 points she's a winner

Alisa chose Prize A. She Open the Mailbox was Zoobooks Alligators and Crocodiles


This is the First Premiere on Nickelodeon after PBS Kids

This is the First time Rickey wears an Orange Shirt from Barney Live! in New York City

Caroline and Alisa from ZOOM and America's Kids Remember

Rickey and Angel from Barney & Friends

James and Vanessa from Gullah Gullah Island

Special Guests Steve Irwin and Ingrid Dacon


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