iSpy a Mean Teacher is the eighth episode of the first season of iCarly.


After watching Ms. Briggs shouting at several students that are passing by in the hallway ending in her throwing down and stomping on an orange offered to her by one well meaning classmate Carly becomes inspired to do an iCarly feature on What Mean Teachers Do When They Aren't In School.

Freddie buys a pie shaped spy camera with an obvious lens on the side much to Carly, Kayla and Sam's amusement they tease him a lot about it and what's even more hilarious to them is that it came with an oversized spoon.

Carly and Freddie sneak off to Ms. Briggs house with the pie cam to shoot a video of what she is doing in her free time when a bee appears and apparently is interested in the fake pie Freddie panics because he is allergic to bees and runs inside Ms. Briggs house Carly follows him and they have to hide in a closet that turns out to be a shrine dedicated to Randy Jackson they spend hours in the room and eat Randeos to pass the time they call Kayla and Sam for help and before they get ready to leave Freddie snags a bit of Randy Jackson cologne.




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