iRue the Day is the eleventh episode of the first season of iCarly.


When Spencer saves the life of the lead singer of the Plain White T's their manager sets up a performance for iCarly unfortunately their website is hacked by Nevel Papperman who tries to ruin their website in revenge for Carly refusing to kiss him on the episode iNevel he ruins the whole webcast.

The iCarly trio attempts to hack Nevel's website by going into his house and trying to do the necessary jobs in order for Freddie to be able to hack Nevelocity they get out of the house after a hard time in which they were caught by Nevel's grandma but she fortunately couldn't see very well and said that the dangling Freddie was a spider despite their efforts they are unable to succeed Carly then says that they should stop the webshow Carly then calls a military friend of her father to stop Nevel and he is forced to apologize to Carly on camera and then call himself a weenie while being bounced by a string.

After iCarly is free from Nevel again the Plain White Ts play their song Our Time Now on the show.




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