iPilot is the first episode of the first season of iCarly.


Carly Shay a thirteen year old student at Ridgeway Middle School gets in trouble by taking the blame for her two best friend Kayla Lee and Sam Puckett for Photodocking their English teachers Mrs. Briggs Carly is punished and is forced to spend her Saturday judging the schools talent show auditions instead of going to a concert of her favorite band Cuddlefish When Carly goes to borrow her twenty six year old brother Spencer's camera she finds out that he made it into a sculpture of a squirrel because of this she asks Freddie Benson her tech wiz neighbor who has a major crush on her to tape the auditions.

When Saturday comes Freddie and the girls find most of the acts boring after watching the audition of a boy who looks like Miss Briggs Carly, Kayla and Sam make jokes about her crazy pointy boobs which according to the two friends could point anyones eyes out Freddie films this later that night Carly, Kayla and Sam check SplashFace - parody of YouTube the video sharing website where Freddie posted the talent show auditions and find out that Freddie accidentally uploaded the video of them joking about Miss Briggs which he claimed he deleted before uploading but accidentally uploaded it and not the one that he was supposed to after the girls confront him Freddie tries deleting the video but the video couldn't be deleted until the next morning.

The following Monday Carly, Kayla and Sam give a DVD of the auditions with the comments omitted to Miss Briggs but she had already seen the video Miss Briggs bans all the acts Carly, Kayla and Sam nominated to be in the talent show as Carly thought that it was unfair adults control the world and because they got a lot of comments praising them on SplashFace she decided to create a web show with her Kayla and Sam as hosts and Freddie as their Tech Producer Freddie comes up with the name iCarly and the girls agree with the name.

For their first show they invite all the acts they originally wanted to be in the talent show and have them demonstrate their bizarre talents the show is an immediate success so Carly, Kayla, Sam and Freddie have a Crazy Hat party to celebrate and the episode ends with Sam, Carly and Kayla dancing in the middle of a huge crowd.


  • This is the very first episode ever aired.


  • After the first webcast right after Sam says hey we should have a party.

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