iNevel is the sixth episode of the first season of iCarly.


After Tasha a mean girl at school says that no web-show is cool unless it has been reviewed on Carly tries to prove that their web-show is good enough by trying to get Nevel to review their website when he invites her for an interview Carly is very excited at first but turns surprised when she finds out that he is an eleven year old boy after Nevel flirts with her and even kisses her on the cheek she smears tapenade in his face and he promises she will rue the day.

Out of anger Nevel writes a nasty review of iCarly although he said that he liked the show before Carly, Kayla, Sam and Freddie try to force him to tell the truth with the help of Jeremy or Germy because Nevel hates germs a kid in Ridge-way who sneezes all the time but Nevel tricks Jeremy into releasing him by offering him twice as much as the iCarly gang pays him without actually paying in the end.

After their first plan didn't work Carly, Kayla, Sam and Freddie they are surprised at the fact of not being able to defeat an eleven year old boy when they get a spark and decide to tell Nevel's mom on him who scolds him and sends him to his room to write an honest review.

Meanwhile Spencer has to make a sculpture out of butter called Toasty the Baker for a bread convention but has to restart after Sam accidentally turns up the heat and melts it who later blames Freddie for it.



Kayla: Jerk

Freddie: We're Dead

Kayla: We're Dead

Kayla: Hello Nevel

Kayla: Tell the Truth

Carly: Tell the Truth Nevel


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