iDon't Want to Fight is the seventeenth episode of the first season of iCarly.


It is Carly and Sam's five year anniversary for being friends they met Kayla to when Carly gave Sam a iCarly T - Shirt then at school Jeremy bought tissues from Rip off Rodney Sam wanted tickets to the Cuttlefish concert then Sam traded the shirt for the concert tickets them Carly and Sam get in to a fight when standing next to Kayla the fight ended by the pony tail bit and Freddie was the rope keeper.



Sam: You got me an iCarly T - Shirt and it has our faces on it

Carly: It's no big deal

Sam: I traded the shirt for the concert tickets

Carly: You traded the shirt

Sam: knuckle touch

Carly: I'm not touching your knuckles

Freddie: You know that iCarly Webshow we do it's time for that

Kayla: It's time

Kayla: I hate it when Carly and Sam fight

Freddie: iCarly has difficultes


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