Hello, Cello! is a Nickelodeon animated TV series that takes place in a world where everyone is an Instrument. In this series, A 12-year old Cello named Cel is starting 6th grade and must deal with his new teenager life.

Premiere: June 1, 2012

Finale: TBA

Season 1

Template:SeasonThe first season of Hello, Cello!

Season 1 started on June 1, 2012 with the episodes "First Day of School," and "Book Report" and ended on April 17, 2013 with "The Epic Talent Show!" It consists of episodes 1-26.

# Title Airdate U.S. viewers (millions)
1a "First Day of School" June 1, 2012 4.56
Cel and his friends prepare for the first day of middle school.
1b "Book Report" June 1, 2012 4.56
Cel has a book report, but he procrastinated until the last week.
2a "Piano Lesson" July 9, 2012 3.79
Cel's parents sign him up for a piano lesson, but he can't get the hang of it.
2b "The Lemonade Stand" July 16, 2012 3.82
Cel and his friends put up a lemonade stand.
3a "The Driving Test" July 23, 2012 5.01
Cel's sister Loie starts to take driving tests.
3b "Detention" July 29, 2012 4.67
Cel goes to detention for the first time.
4a "Our New Freezer" August 26, 2012 3.65
Cel's family gets a new freezer.
4b "Cooking with Cel" August 14, 2012 3.74
Cel wants to learn how to cook.
8a "The Bully" October 14, 2012 3.48
Cel helps his friend Lin to deal with a bully.
8b "Thanksgiving" November 22, 2012 3.68
Cel and everyone celebrates Thanksgiving.
9a "Sweet Dreams" October 15, 2012 3.87
Cel wonders what everyone's dreams are like.
9b "Shopping List" October 16, 2012 3.46
Cel's mom gives him a list of things to get from the local market, but his friends tag along.
10a "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" October 18, 2012 3.82
Cel and his friends go to a restaurant, but Val forgot one of his shoes.
10b "Boss for the Day" October 20, 2012 3.49
Cel's parents leave for a date, and they put Loie in charge.
11 "Cel vs. The Tough One" October 19, 2012 4.02
A new bully shows up in school, and everyone is scared of him except Cel.
12a "There's a Fly in My Soup" October 17, 2012 3.51
At a resturant, a fly flies into Loie's soup, and she demands a refund.
12b "Clean Freak" October 21, 2012 3.36
Cel's mom makes him clean up every speck of dust in this room, even though it was only mildly messy.
13a "The Nightmare Story" October 31, 2012 3.72
Halloween is here, and Cello's dad tells him and his friends a spooky story.
17a "The Split Story" January 17, 2013 3.26
Cel's parents go on a cruise ship, while Cel invites his friends over and they cause havoc.
17b "Baseball Broken" January 17, 2013 3.26
Cel accidentally hits his neighbor, Mr. Ila's window, while playing baseball with his friends, and everyone except him flees.
18 "Christmas Day" December 13, 2012 4.03
Cel helps his friend Val to get off the naughty list before Christmas.
19a "Snow!" December 9, 2012 3.54
The school closes due to a Snow Day, and Cel and his friends play in the snow.
24a "Flashback!" March 14, 2012 3.21
An 8-year old Cel meets his new BFF's, Lin and Val.
24b "Awesome Gameplay" March 14, 2012 3.21
Cel tries to raise money to get a new awesome game.
25 "The Epic Talent Show!" April 17, 2013 3.87
Cel can't decide what he wants to do for the upcoming talent show.
26a "Mr. Funny" March 21, 2013 3.03
Val wants to become a comedian.
26b "The Smoking Mystery" March 21, 2013 3.03
Cel and his friends become detectives.

Season 4

# Title Airdate U.S. viewers (millions)
100-101 "The Long Haul" 2017 3.89
Cel and his family go on a road trip to Texas to meet their extended family.
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