Godzilla Is An American Kaiju Animated Series Created By Alan Burnett. It Is Based On The Title Character Of The Same Name By Toho. 


The Plot Has Elements Of Tristar's Godzilla Series And The Heisei Films. With Only Godzilla Attacking Japan In The First To Second Episodes And Godzilla Fighting Monsters For The Rest Of The Series, With Godzilla Attacking A City In Most Of Those Episodes.


• Godzilla, The King Of The Monsters And The God Of Destruction

• Mothra, The Queen Of Peace, Life, And Creation

• King Ghidorah, The King Of Terror, Golden Demise, And 3 Headed God Killer

• Rodan, The Ruler Of The Skies, And The Terror Born From Fire 

• Anguirus, The Ferocious Mountain Dragon

• Baragon, The Underground Monster

• Gorosaurus, The Modern Dinosaur 

• Battra, The Queen Of War, Death, And Destruction

• Orga, The Horrifying Abomination, Terrible Beast From Beyond, And The Satan Of Space

• Megaguirus, The Queen Of Hunger, Agony, And Darkness

• Meganulon/Meganula, The Servants Of Megaguirus

• Mechagodzilla, The Metallic Dragon, Robotic Clone, And The Defender Of Humanity

• Manda, The Protector Of The Sea

• Gigan, The One Eyed Freak

• Megalon, The Beetle Beast

• Jet Jaguar, The Swift Defender

• Zone Fighter, Hero Of The Zone

• Gezora, The Mega Squid

• Ganimes, The Giant Crab

• Kamoebas, The Giant Turtle

• Gaira, The First Gargantua

• Sanda, The Second Gargantua 

• Desghidorah, The End Time To End All End Times

• Dagahra, The Destroyer Of Oceans

• Biollante, The Struggle For The Soul, Tree Of Life, And Giver Of Life

• Moguera, The Driller

• Mecha-King Ghidorah, The Three Headed Robot

• Varan, The Gliding Giant

• Destoroyah, The God Of Darkness

• Spacegodzilla, The Crystal Tyrant

• Kamacuras, Mantis Monster

• Kumonga, The Giant Web Slinging Horror

• Dogora, The Space Jellyfish

• Giant Condor, The Giant Bird

• Giant Octopus, The Giant Tentacled Beast

• Giant Rat, The City Invader

• Griffon, The Cat/Bird Hybrid

• King Caesar, The Guardian

• Gabara, The Hard Bolied Nightmare

• Giant Lizard, The Tree Climber

• Titanosaurus, The Aquatic Dinosaur

• Bagan, The Destroyer Of Worlds


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