Godzilla Is An American Animated Kaiju TV Series Based On The Godzilla Franchise. It Ran From 1998 All The Way To 2004.


In The Near Future, Many Years After Godzilla Attacked Tokyo In 1954, He Was Thought To Be Dead, Think Again... Godzilla Returns Once Again To Go On A Rampage! But Then, The King Of The Monsters Fights Various Monsters All Over The World While A Conspiracy Group Known As The Red Bamboo Looks To Wipe Out The Monsters.


The Animation Was Done By The Animators Behind The Batman And Superman Animated Shows. 


• Some Of The Episodes Have Titles That Are References To Toho's Work On Godzilla, Etc. Such As: "King Of The Monsters", "Destroy All Monsters", "The Return Of Godzilla", Etc.

• Godzilla Did Not Die In 1954 In The Canon Of The Show

• The Opening Theme Of The Film Is Godzilla's Theme From Godzilla Vs Biollante 


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