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Since Darren & Ginger got married, their daughter, Sophia Patterson, has the same experiences as Ginger in her Junior High and High school years.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Sophia's First Day (EP 1)

Derek & Marcie (EP 2)

Weird Science (EP 3)

Snooze You Lose (EP 4)

Of Spice & Friends (EP 5)

Tell-Tale Bart (EP 6)

Active with Andy (EP 7)

The Election (EP 8)

Season 2[edit | edit source]

The Return of Camp Caprice (EP 9-10)

Teacher's Pet (EP 11)

About Head (EP 12)

The Easter Bread (EP 13)

Hot Lightning (EP 14)

Too Flexible or Caffeine-able? (EP 15)

Detention in Heartbroken Manner (EP 16)

Foreign Student Love (EP 17)

Sophia Search (EP 18-20)

The Word's the Thing (EP 21)

TGIT (EP 22)

The Return of Ian Richton (EP 23-24)

Season 3[edit | edit source]

A Lesson in Heartstrings (EP 25)

Hard to Say Goodbye (EP 26)

Adventures In Babysitting (EP 27)

Financial Turn Moil (EP 28)

The Fall of the Kilgallens (EP 29)

No Miracle for Chloe (EP 30)

Popularity vs. Insincerity (EP 31)

The Return of Lunatic Lake (EP 32-33)

Carpe Them (EP 34)

Season 4[edit | edit source]

Live for Now (EP 35)

Wedding Bowels (EP 36)

No Doubt, Fresh Out (EP 37)

Cheer Here (EP 38)

Party Hard-ie (EP 39)

Snitch Witch (EP 40)

Aptitude Test (EP 41)

Be Still, My Bart (EP 42)

The End of Sheltered Shrubs (EP 43-45)

The Next Town (EP 46)

The Return of Sasha (EP 47)

The Graduation Frame (EP 48-52)

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